‘If it looks good, eat it’.*   

This is all about food. Anything that takes my fancy will appear here. There will be an emphasis on things that most people won’t eat.

I’m really good at eating, but I  have a lot to learn about cooking and food photography. I hope you’ll join me in my journey. 

*(Andrew Zimmern, Bizarre foods)


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  1. Fantastic website. Thanks!
    Your approach to food is similar to mine: try anything, search for ways to cook it, then just do it.
    Despite your humility, I think your photos are great, similar to the style in the Fergus Henderson books – it’s about food, not painting.
    And I love the way you post even the things that don’t work so good when you do them.

    I live in Melbourne, and I love searching our markets for things you can rarely buy any more. There is good tripe at Footscray Market, goats livers at Victoria Market, and lambs hearts, of all places, can often be bought at Coles (we’re so lucky that people have pets). I chop the lambs hearts into big cubes, thread them on wooden skewers, dip them into mirin then olive oil, add salt, then barbeque them, just until they get little burnt bits (I think mirin must be sugary). I’ve been very, very pleased with the friends who are willing to try them. And surprised how many say yes, though I always have more boring options for others.

    Once again, thanks for the site!!

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