Chitons for dinner?

Seafood is a favourite of mine, so when I was dissecting some chitons at university for my study, I decided to keep the feet off them. I know they are eaten in a few places around the world, so why not give them a try?  For those who aren’t sure, a chiton at the beach looks like this……

and the feet lightly fried look like this….

Now the important part, the taste. Hard to describe, I have heard sea urchin (kina) roe described as the taste of the ocean, and while it is some time since I’ve had kina roe, I think chitons are very similar, maybe even stronger, but very good. I thought they would probably be tough, but they have a strange texture, hard rather than chewy. And yes, I will eat them again.

2 responses to “Chitons for dinner?

  1. they look like mushrooms

  2. Thank you for being inventive, and answering my question.

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