Chicken Gizzards

I had chicken gizzards recommended to me by someone who knows I like to try different things. Although gizzards appear to be quite a popular food in many parts of the world, I couldn’t find any here on the Sunshine Coast, so when I saw a pack of them at a supermarket in Queenstown, NZ  I bought them. Before I had a chance to cook them, I visited a Sake bar that had gizzards on the menu so naturally (for me) I tried them. For my money, I got about ten gizzards on a skewer, and they were quite chewy, with not a lot of flavour. Of course, that encouraged me to go home and try cooking my own and doing a better job of it. I simply took the gizzards, washed and dried them, then  fried them in a pan. And sure enough, they were just like the sake bar ones, really rubbery and not a lot of flavour.

So I guess I need to find out more about cooking them if I try them again. I really can’t believe they would be popular if this is as good as they get. Now, you might wonder what a photo of my daughters cat has to do with this story. You can see by the size of him that he doesn’t say no to food very often. Well, you guessed it, he was offered gizzards, both raw and cooked, and on both occassions he sniffed them and walked away. The ultimate critique of a meal.  

(a cat scan?…sorry)

5 responses to “Chicken Gizzards

  1. not one for gizzards but Good Grief! You cat could be the long lost twin of my Oreo! Umm.. I don’t have a pic of him …yet.

  2. Hope your Oreo isn’t as fat and lazy as Maui

  3. Yes, he is! Spoilt rotten too. Guilty!

  4. Typical “Southern” way to eat gizzards is to batter and deep fry – the hotter and quicker they fry the less “goodyear-ish” they will be… but all in all, gizzards are a chewy thing to eat.

    Since they are mostly connective tissue – long, low and slow will give you a very tender eat. Braise them off quickly, add onions, celery, salt and pepper and give them about 2 hours in a slow cook. The long cooking time will release the tightness and give you a more flavorful bite.

  5. Thanks. I will try slow cooking if I can get hold of some here.

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