Crocodile and kangaroo mixed grill for Australia Day

For Australia Day today, what could be more appropriate than a mix of kangaroo and crocodile, both fairly iconic animals of Australia. While a small selection of kangaroo meat is readily available in supermarkets now, crocodile is a different matter, and it took some finding on the Sunshine Coast. I ended up buying 500 grams of crocodile and kangaroo sausages and mince meat, all suitable for the traditional Aussie BBQ. Kangaroo is a very red meat, low in fat and cholesterol, high in minerals and protein and very environmentally friendly to produce. It is what we should be eating instead of beef.   The sausages were good, but not spectacular, I normally prefer a pork sausage, and these kangaroo sausages were much more like beef, maybe a stronger flavour and a bit gamey. I made rissoles from the mince, just adding some finely chopped red onion, an egg and a bit of flour. The rissoles were delicious, again similar to beef but stronger. Great for use in hamburgers.

Crocodile meat is low in fat but apparently higher in cholesterol than other meats. Because of the low fat content, it can be tough unless cooked very quickly or slow cooked. I only cooked half of the meat today and chose quick cooking, simply searing it on the BBQ, cooking for a few minutes and serving medium rare. Even so, the meat was slightly rubbery. Croc is a white meat with a very mild flavour, not unlike chicken, very nice to eat. With a little potato salad, lettuce and tomato added, this was a very different and tasty lunch.

2 responses to “Crocodile and kangaroo mixed grill for Australia Day

  1. where from on sunshine coast?

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