Costus flowers in salads

There are many different Costus available, many with spectacular bracts, and as far as I know, the flowers of all are edible. Certainly the varieties I have growing are a useful addition to salads, and I quite frequently browse on them while gardening. 

C. barbatus

C. spicatus

Flowers differ in taste, usually with a sweet taste initially and then a sour after taste which is quite mild and not unpleasant. With the two varieties shown here, the pink flower is slightly milder than the pink one. I have one variety not flowering at the moment, with a very pronounced strawberry flavour!

The edible flowers

I like to use the flowers as a garnish on salads where they not only add to the flavour, but make the salad bright and colourful.

3 responses to “Costus flowers in salads

  1. nice post. thank you very much. From tens help israel

  2. I didn’t know these could be eaten?! It’ll look great in salads! I learnt something new today, thanks!

  3. I doubt there is much someone like you, who does such beautiful cooking, can learn from me. I’m pleased there was one thing. Kevin.

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