Pigs feet or trotters

It’s a long time since I have eaten pigs feet, and way back then I think I only tried them once, so it was time to try them again. A bit of research showed a variety of ways to prepare the feet, I decided in the end to make jellied feet, which appears popular in Hungary and Poland. As is my usual way when first trying a new food item, I decided not to hide the flavour in any way, so I cooked the feet with just an onion in a slow cooker until the meat and skin fell off the bones.  After removing the bones, I finely chopped the meat, skin and tendons, and put it all into moulds then into the fridge for the night. The next day, when popped out of the moulds, they were set solid.

As you can see, there wasn’t much meat on them, but there wasn’t a lot of fat either. I dipped them in egg and breadcrumbs on both sides and then briefly pan fried them, just long enough to heat them slightly and brown the bread crumbs.

And the result? They had a very gelatinous texture, not at all chewy, with a very mild pork flavour. Not the kind of thing I would bother to eat a lot of. I will do them again, but with added flavours of perhaps carrots and celery, and a few spices and definitely more meat. Perhaps use a few feet for the gelatin with a pork knuckle for more meat. Maybe even make a loaf to slice and serve cold.

One response to “Pigs feet or trotters

  1. Admirable blog! My years in Oz taught me Australians in general to be adventurous eaters and cooks with good instincts, which this little recipe confirms.

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