Achacha…The Honey Kiss

I saw these fruits on TV and after a bit of searching (didn’t think to look for the growers website!) found some at James St Market in Brisbane. At over $17 per kilo, they work out at about .90 cents each, which is expensive for the size of the fruit. So what are Achacha’s? They are a new fruit in Australia, originally from Bolivia in South America. The Australian fruit are grown on a large plantation (the worlds largest?) south of Townsville in North Queensland. Some time ago I tried a mangosteen which is closely related to the Achacha. The mangosteen is meant to be the Queen of Fruit, but I was quite disappointed with it. Not so with the Achacha, the fresh white flesh inside the orange skin is tangy, sweet but slightly acid and is delicious.¬†Unfortunately with the large seed there is not a lot of flesh to enjoy.

I took advice from the website and blended the skins in water with some added sugar. These were kept overnight in the fridge and then strained to produce a slightly bitter but deliciously refreshing drink, with a taste similar to grapefruit. I would certainly recommend trying Achachas if you get the chance. Hopefully they will become more popular and easier to get. For more info see

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