Roast Bone Marrow and Parsley Salad

I recently purchased the book ‘Nose To Tail Eating’ by Fergus Henderson and I’m amazed by many of the recipes in it. Seeing Fergus on TV a couple of times has been one of my inspirations to eat more unusual foods, so I’m sure  recipes from this book will appear here from time to time, starting now. This bone marrow recipe is mentioned in the introduction by Anthony Bourdain as his Death Row Meal, and by a strange twist of fate, the day after reading the recipe, I was in a supermarket and for the first time, spotted bags of beef marrow bones.

It was meant to be! Now to me, bone marrow is one of the highlights in dishes such as osso bucco, so I knew I was going to like this.

As per the recipe, I roasted the marrow bones until the marrow was ‘loose and giving, not melted away’. I did this in a kettle BBQ and it took almost an hour. While that was roasting, I coursely chopped a handful of flat (Italian) parsley leaves (no stems) and finely sliced a small onion (recipe called for shallots but I couldn’t get any on the day). I then added some small capers and when the marrow was cooked, dressed the salad with lime juice (recipe says lemon, but I have a lime tree) and extra virgin olive oil and seasoned with sea salt and pepper. I removed the marrow from the bones onto toast and added the salad.

I probably used more than the called for ‘pinch’ of parsley salad, and when cooked I had less bone marrow than expected. Add my lack of cooking skills, and I’m sure my effort was not even close to as good as what Fergus serves at his St. John restaurant…..but bloody hell it was good!

It was one of those recipes that is so well balanced that not one single taste stands out. Just an overall delicious flavour with the slight fatiness of the bone marrow. If all the recipes in this book are this good, I’m in for a real treat as I attempt to work my way through it. Thanks Fergus.

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