Award winning gourmet sausages

I read in the paper recently about a Sunshine Coast butcher making award winning sausages. I have eaten gourmet sausages before, most recently from a market in Melbourne, and have been unimpressed. They are mostly nice but not spectacular, and not usually worth the premium price charged. But I’m a slow learner and obviously influenced by the media, so on the weekend, off I went to Master Meats at Mooloolaba to buy a few. Walking into the shop is like being hit in the face with the best piece of bacon you ever had, the butchers have a smoke room at the back of the shop, and I think the aroma is probably the nicest I have ever smelled. I’m sure the smell alone doubled the number of sausages I bought. They make a good range of gourmet sausages, we tried Pork and orange with honey blueberries, Turkey cointreau and dill, Red wine beef and caramelized onion, Calabrese ( flavours of fennel,garlic and cayene pepper), Lemon chicken and Chicken orange and thyme. The Pork and orange and Turkey and cointreau are the flavours that won awards. All the sausages are flour and preservative free. They were all very jucy when cooked and had a much courser texture than your average sausage and I like that. It really makes them seem more substantial. They were all very good sausages, but to me, the Pork and orange and the Lemon chicken were spectacular. I rarely eat sausages but that might now change. It’s now Wednesday and I’ve already been back for more!

Chicken and orange, Turkey and Pork

One of the nice touches with Master Meats is that each variety of sausage comes in a separate labelled bag (on request) so you can tell which is which when you get them home. So if you’re on the Sunshine Coast and like a good sausage, pop in and try these. And while you’re there, I also recommend you try the smoked bacon, it’s really good. (And no, I don’t have any affiliation with this business other than as a new and very happy customer!)

One response to “Award winning gourmet sausages

  1. Haha I love your description of entering the shop!

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