Red Dacca bananas

With the price of bananas in Australia being so high after the cyclones and floods of the summer, it is nice to harvest a couple of small bunches off my trees. It’s even nicer when they are the beautiful looking red dacca variety.

These bananas weren’t as big as usual because the trees got blown over (we had our share of wild weather) and I had to pick the bunches before they were fully developed. I wasn’t even sure they would ripen, but slowly the bananas went from the very dark red on the tree, to the lighter, brighter red of the ripe fruit, shown in these photos.

The flesh is similar to the usual cavendish banana in colour and flavour, with maybe a little creamier texture. They are particularly nice cooked in the microwave and eaten with ice cream.

One of the problems with growing red daccas is the size of the plant. Mine grow to between 5 and 6 metres tall, making it difficult to protect the bunches from the wild bush turkeys.

5 responses to “Red Dacca bananas

  1. Wow! I’ve never seen such beautiful bananas! We don’t get anything like that here in Panama (where I live now) nor in Canada (where I lived until a couple weeks ago). Seems like I should pay a visit to you Aussies! =]

  2. Yum they look great

  3. They are available at the markets in Chiang Mai, Thailand. And they are very tasty.

  4. It is against the law to grow red Dacca in Qld without an inspectors approval

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