Chivito sandwiches from Uruguay

Here’s something I hadn’t heard of last week. Then I watched an episode of Anthony Bourdains TV show ‘No Reservations’. He was in Uruguay, and judging by the amount of meat they eat there, it is where I should live, or at least visit. Anyway, the chivito sandwiches looked pretty good, so I googled a recipe and got into it. A trip to my new favourite butcher, Master Meats at Mooloolaba, and I had bacon and ham, both smoked on site and delicious, and grass fed eye fillet steaks from King Island. A couple of large white bread buns from the bakery next door and I was ready.

Bacon was cooked until crisp and then set aside. Steaks were about 2 cm thick, so I butterflied them and pounded them to under 1 cm thick before cooking for a couple of minutes on each side in the pan the bacon came out of. I also cooked onion, and fried eggs until the yokes just turned hard.  Tomato sauce and mayonaise were mixed together and spread onto the bottom half of the bun, then lettuce was added. Next was the steak followed by 3 slices of bacon and a couple of slices of ham. Then the onion and sliced tomato were added and the lot was topped with sliced mozzarella and placed under a grill to melt the cheese. Then the egg was put on top, with more sauce and mayo, and the top of the bun put on.

As you can see, this was a big, full sandwich (really more what we would call a burger) and it was necessary to cut it in half to have any hope of eating it.

The combination of tastes were amazing, with the steak and ham complemented by the bacon (and what doesn’t taste nicer with bacon in it?) The sandwich was big,  juicy, messy and extremely filling. An awesome meal, I can only imagine how nice real Uruguayan chivitos must be.

2 responses to “Chivito sandwiches from Uruguay

  1. Please, please, please can you make me one of these sandwiches next time we meet Kevin? Ohhhh that looks so damn good!

  2. Glad you liked it! We have chivito, chivito al plato (on a plate, comes with fries, potato carrot & pea salad, two fried eggs ) and sometimes “chivito de la casa” (house chivito) with whatever extravaganza the local chef comes up with. All of them delicious.

    What you had is a “chivito canadiense”. A plain chivito comes w/o ham & mozzarella.

    The biggest chivito in the world was cooked last june in the city of Paysandú. It was 9 meters long and it took 20 heads of lettuce, 22 kilograms of meat, 150 eggs, 20kg of tomatoes and several kilos of mayo.

    Enjoy some chivito food porn

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