Salted Duck Eggs

Ever since I tried balut, I have intended trying salted duck eggs. So this week when I was pedalling by an Asian Grocery store here on the Sunshine Coast, I stopped, and fortunately they had a few in stock. They are mainly a Chinese dish apparently, but the eggs I bought were bright pink, which is from a dye they use in the Philippines to distinguish between salted and plain duck eggs. The eggs were already cooked, so it was just a case of removing the shells and eating.

As you can see from the photo, they look a bit different to ordinary cooked eggs. The egg white is a bit denser than normal, quite a pleasant texture, but very, very salty. The yolk has a quite a hard lump in the centre, but overall is creamier and heavier than a boiled yolk. It’s a bit salty, but not as bad as the white. It has just a hint of duck flavour, which I didn’t expect, but which I found delicious. I think overall these eggs are too salty to be eaten on their own like I did, but mixed with something that needs saltiness, maybe chopped up on a salad, they would be really good. I’ll have to do some research into recipes using these eggs.

3 responses to “Salted Duck Eggs

  1. I’ve been eating salted duck eggs since I was a little kid. These are usually (or should I say always) eaten with rice. The saltiness is a lot less apparent when eaten with rice or congee. There’s also noticeable differences between the cheap duck eggs (usually $1.60 for half-dozen) and the expensive varieties (usually $3.50 for half-dozen). The cheap onces are the ones you have pictured – the yolk looks chunky and the whites are super salty. The expensive one’s however have a very creamy “sweet aftertaste” orange yolk and the whites only have a subtle salty taste. I always buy the expesnive one’s – I love the sweet and salty combination.

    • I seem to only be able to get the ones you call the cheap ones, but they cost a lot more than $1.60 for 6. I’ll start looking for better quality eggs. Thanks.

  2. Hi,
    Like Sam, I pretty much grew up eating these. Apart from rice, I would also have a chopped tomato on the side to help reduce the saltiness and add extra flavour.

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