Pork, tongue in cheek.

I have written here before about pig tongues and pig cheeks. I enjoyed them both separately, so it seemed like they should be good together. I started by slow cooking the tongue for several hours, until tender, and then peeling the skin off. The next day I rolled the tongue and some slices of cooking apple in the pig cheek. I would have liked to use a cheek with the skin on but unfortunately it seems to be impossible to buy them like that (unless I wanted 40kgs of them). I tied the roll up with string and roasted it for around 2 hours.

The cheek was not quite big enough to completely enclose the tongue and apple, so it wasn’t quite as neat a looking roll as I wanted. Pork cheeks are extremely fatty, and even though I had trimmed a lot of the fat off, there was still way too much fat on it for me. When I ate the roll hot, I was very disappointed, particularly with the tongue, which was quite dry and had a strong offal flavour. I decided not to throw the rest away, and tried it cold the next day. What a difference!  The subtle pork flavours where delicious and the tongue was much more like the pressed tongue I had made before. Overall, it was an interesting experiment, but I don’t think I’ll bother again.

3 responses to “Pork, tongue in cheek.

  1. What a hilarious experiment! I like pig cheek, but have never tried tongue before..

  2. Kevin…i’m SOOOOOO happy i joined your site. can’t wait to have time to look at everything. this is right up my alley. did i just become a follower or do i get to receive emails when you post something new ?…

    • Thanks Jules, I feel the same way about discovering your site, although your photography makes mine look very ordinary. I think you will get an email when I post, and I have a few new posts on the way, one which might even turn my stomach! (and that’s what this is all about for me, seeing how far I can go). But it’s getting harder and harder to come up with new things to try, especially where I live.

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