I like to eat. Just lately I have developed what may well be an obsession with unusual, even disgusting foods. And I want to try them all. My initial goal is to at least once a week eat one food item I haven’t tried before.
Who am I? I’m male, married for 35 years, 2 adult children and I live on Australia’s fabulous Sunshine Coast. I love outdoor activities and trying new things. I am currently completing an honours degree in molecular biology, work part time as a research assistant in my uni laboratory, and in my spare time grow tropical cut flowers.
Hope you enjoy following this cullinary journey of discovery, please send comments, good or bad.

5 responses to “About

  1. Love it Kevin !!! great website & well written….I can give you a nice recipe for stuffing your turducken, which by the way, had my mouth watering….

  2. Hi!

    I just stumbled onto your site while looking for kina/uni sushi in Dunedin. I’m currently studying in Dunedin, originally from WA, USA and before then, Vietnam. I’m glad you’ve tried the belut egg – it’s a delicacy that I really enjoy. Further ideas for food you could try include the durian fruit and marinated chicken feet – two other foods that I think are delicious. Good luck on your food adventure & cheers!

  3. Kevin, this is AWESOME!! Just passed the link on to Vivienne and we’re both engrossed. (As opposed to just grossed… for the moment!)

  4. Great site Kevin!
    Nice layout, photos, and interesting material. Interesting to read some of your frank feedback (eg. on duck tongues) putting you not quite in the Andrew Zimmern league of eating anything with a smile. I conclude that your sanity probably remains intact.

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