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maple bacon chip icecrean

When I made my first batch of maple bacon, I just knew I had to try it with ice cream. I cooked the bacon in the oven, removing excess fat a few times, until the bacon was crispy. I then dribbled maple sauce onto the bacon and cooked it  until the maple sauce was no longer runny on the bacon. The bacon was by that time very crispy and quite sweet, and was easy to crumble into little chips. I don’t have an ice cream machine, so I used my sister-in law’s recipe for home made ice cream (thanks Ngaire). I whipped 600ml of cream firm, then stirred through a tin of sweetened condensed milk. I then put it into the freezer until almost frozen and then stirred again to make sure the condensed milk wasn’t all at the bottom. Then add the bacon chips and freeze. Ice cream made this way is quite hard but sweet and creamy. The combination of the sweet ice cream with the crispy bits of salty/sweet bacon was different and delicious. With a little maple syrup dribbled over it, it was a really nice and unusual desert.

Chocolate pudding fruit

The black sapote or chocolate pudding fruit (Diospyros digyna) grows well where we live. I have a couple of trees and this year they have a particularly good crop coming on. The fruit doesn’t ripen on the tree, so it is picked green and ripens on the bench in about a week.

A ripe fruit (left) next to a much greener just picked fruit.

Once the fruit is fully ripe the skin is a much darker colour and very fragile and the fruit is easily dented with a finger.  There are a few seeds inside, but mostly just the lovely flesh.

The soft, dark delicious flesh of the black sapote.

I guess the name chocolate pudding fruit comes from the colour of the flesh  because I don’t think it tastes like chocolate, just a sweet vanilla flavour. It’s nice eaten as is, but I particularly like to mash the flesh, mix in some cream and a little Kahlua or Tia Maria, and then chill it. Makes a delicious mousse.